Who are Riverdog?


Our story

Riverdog was founded in 2018 by Isaac Harris-Holt. He wanted to provide small businesses and individuals with a way of getting their message out into the world easily, quickly and professionally.

The inspiration for our name (and logo!) comes from Isaac’s very own dog, Jack, who loves to swim and loves to dive. He’s always the loudest dog on the beach, and everyone loves him.

That’s that we want for you. It’s our mission to make sure that everyone has the means to spread their ideas as far as possible in today’s hectic society.

We love to work with our customers, building websites, creating professional logos and helping them build their own brand and tell their own story, like we’re able to today.

We are 0 % customer focused
And that's never going to change

We are 100% customer focused


The Team


Isaac Harris-Holt

Founder and Web Designer


Mohammed Ali



Louise Fraser

Artist in residence